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SWIR 640 microHSI™

NovaSol now offers the SWIR microHSI™ with 640 pixel format for high frame rate applications. Designed for both ground-based and airborne applications, the microHSI™ SWIR 640 supports higher collection rates and greater area coverage than comparable instruments.

This sensor extends the miniaturization concepts as patented by NovaSol and incorporated into multiple VNIR and SWIR Hyperspectral instruments. The increased sample rate (260Hz) of the SWIR 640 supports ground applications allowing improved sweep rates and faster revisit rates for surveillance and/or detection of fleeting targets. In the airborne application the SWIR 640 supports increased V/H (velocity to height) ratio while maintaining the 1x1 aspect ratio ground resolution (square pixels) necessary for optimal Hyperspectral Processing. Airborne applications include pushbroom operation as well as scanning (whiskbroom) operation within a stabilized gimbal.

NovaSol can provide SWIR HSI as part of a complete system incorporating multiple sensors to meet customers’ mission requirements. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs. 

         microHSI™ SWIR 640 Performance Specifications

Sensor Type Pushbroom Imager
Spatial Resolution 640 pixels
Spatial FOV 15 deg
Focal length, Ratio 61 mm, F/2.8
Slit 16.2 mm x 25 µm
IFOV 0.409 mrad
FPA 640 x 512, 25 µ pixel
Spectral Range 850 nm – 1700 nm
Spectral Bands 102
Order Sorting Filter N/A
Spectral Resolution 8.33 nm (minimum 102 bands)
Ground Resolution 82 cm at 2,000 m AGL
Frame Rate 260 Hz (with 102 band readout)
Sensor Dimensions 9.4” x 8.0” x 4.4” w/Lens
Weight 7.7 lb. (3.5 kg) w/Lens
Power < 11.0 W @ 12 VDC

microHSI as seen in Laser Focus Magazine.


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